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Oooh! How exciting! Nancy has a blog! You'll never know what you will find here...Pictures of my cards or pictures of my bestfriend Sam (the Eggo loving bear) or.... Who knows!? And If you want to see a picture close up, just click on it!

Yummm... Dirt Cake!

Hello Everyone! :D

Here is a picture of the dirt cake Nancy made! Yummy! I just love dirt and worms, don't you? This year Nancy didn't put it in a clear now it's hard to see all the mud under the dirt... Here's a closeup, so you won't be distracted by my "spooky" outfit!

I know it's called "CAKE" but I am not quite sure why?! It looks more like pudding, but it has the rich feel and taste of mousse. Its really hard describe.. All I can say is: YUMMY!! Perfect for Halloween, kid's birthday parties, or for your special bear friend! I wonder if it's good on top of Eggos? Hmm...

Here is what it looks like in your bowl.. Doesn't it look delicious?!
Incase you were interested in trying it for yourself sometime, you can click this fancy link I made for you to get the recipe!! When you get to the recipe, on the top left hand side there will be a link to either download or print it out! I hope you Enjoy!!

Dirt Cake Recipe


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