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Oooh! How exciting! Nancy has a blog! You'll never know what you will find here...Pictures of my cards or pictures of my bestfriend Sam (the Eggo loving bear) or.... Who knows!? And If you want to see a picture close up, just click on it!

OMG! Watch Out!

Hi everyone! It's me again, Sam. I was looking through my photo album, and found this picture. I got all nervous just looking at it! Do you see the size of this fish? OMG! This fish was SO hungry, it almost ate me!! Instead of Nancy trying to save me, what does she do? Yep, she just has to get a picture of my near death experience... People and thier cameras.... Anyways, So I was in Wisconsin, and while I was there, I talked Nancy into taking me to the Fishing Hall of Fame. I hear they have all kinds of fish there! And since I am a bear, I thought I should check it out. Well, when we got there, the place was covered with GIANT fish. If you look closely at the picture, you will see this fish is taller than the building. Well, I asked Nancy to pick me up and let me get a closer look into this fish's face.. and next thing I know, I am in his mouth! YIKES! But after pleading with him, I convinced Mr. Fish to trade my life for a Eggo I had been carrying around in my backpack for emergencies.. Once again, I am able to use the power of Eggos to make a friend.. Turns out, he was a pretty nice Fish... Most bears eat fish, but after almost being eaten by one, I think I'll stick to waffles!
I hope you all are having a great day! See you later!


nws_Admin said...

Holy smokes that awesome Sam! Looks like you get out and make friends pretty easily. I think I might plan a trip there too. I found a website for the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. Even though that fish looks scary I'm sure I'll be safe if I follow your advise. Where else have you been?

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