Nancy's Pretty Things


Oooh! How exciting! Nancy has a blog! You'll never know what you will find here...Pictures of my cards or pictures of my bestfriend Sam (the Eggo loving bear) or.... Who knows!? And If you want to see a picture close up, just click on it!

Where's Sam?

Have you ever read a "Where's Waldo" book? Well, this is my version! :) Where's Sam?? Can you find me?

HERE I AM! Tee Hee!

While I was reminiscing yesterday about my Big Fish experience, I found this picture! I thought I would share it with you! :) Isn't the Christmas tree just so cute?! Nancy and her husband take turns every year decorating the Christmas tree. Last year was her husbands turn, and he decided to go with a toy theme. It was so cute! I wonder what Nancy has planned this year....I'll be sure to have Nancy post the tree this year for you all to see! :) Hmm.. wonder if I can get her to hang golden waffles from the tree? haha.


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