Nancy's Pretty Things


Oooh! How exciting! Nancy has a blog! You'll never know what you will find here...Pictures of my cards or pictures of my bestfriend Sam (the Eggo loving bear) or.... Who knows!? And If you want to see a picture close up, just click on it!

What's for dinner?

Hi everyone, it's me Samson! :) So what are you having for dinner tonight?? Nancy made my favorite! We are having Alien Brains for dinner! YAY! Well, she's having stirfry and brains for dessert, but I'm having dessert for dinner :) Life is short, eat dessert FIRST!!

I love this time of year... I get to wear a neat costume, and eat spooky food! :D Don't I just look SPOOKTACULAR today?! I am sorry that I haven't posted for a few days, I have been too busy eating all Nancy's halloween candy... Mmmm.. Chocolate! Did you know they make chocolate chip Eggos? Yup! Hopefully Nancy will buy me some when she goes to the store. Chocolate chip waffles with Cool Whip and Hershey's Syrup on top, yummmy!!

Here is a close up of the brain, incase you were distracted by my cuteness in the first picture :) I wanted to put some eyeballs by the brain to make it more "gross", but while I was digging around the kitchen, I realized we are fresh out of eye balls! aww that's too bad :(
While I am busy writing this, Nancy is making dirt cake in the kitchen to eat for Halloween. But I'm sure if I ask nice she might let me have some tomorrow! I'll be sure to take a picture of that also! Ok, well I'm off to go help (play) in the dirt with Nancy :) See you all later!


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