Nancy's Pretty Things


Oooh! How exciting! Nancy has a blog! You'll never know what you will find here...Pictures of my cards or pictures of my bestfriend Sam (the Eggo loving bear) or.... Who knows!? And If you want to see a picture close up, just click on it!


Happy Halloween Friends! It's me, Sam! :) I thought I would get my "boo crew" together to wish you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! My friends and I are going to stay up late and watch Scary movies! YAY! Nancy and her husband will be off playing pinball and going to a midnight showing of the Shining! What better time to throw a party, since Nancy will be gone!! Eggos for everyone!!! YAY!!

We hope you have a SAFE and SPOOKTACULAR Halloween!! Make sure you eat LOTS of candy!!

Yummm... Dirt Cake!

Hello Everyone! :D

Here is a picture of the dirt cake Nancy made! Yummy! I just love dirt and worms, don't you? This year Nancy didn't put it in a clear now it's hard to see all the mud under the dirt... Here's a closeup, so you won't be distracted by my "spooky" outfit!

I know it's called "CAKE" but I am not quite sure why?! It looks more like pudding, but it has the rich feel and taste of mousse. Its really hard describe.. All I can say is: YUMMY!! Perfect for Halloween, kid's birthday parties, or for your special bear friend! I wonder if it's good on top of Eggos? Hmm...

Here is what it looks like in your bowl.. Doesn't it look delicious?!
Incase you were interested in trying it for yourself sometime, you can click this fancy link I made for you to get the recipe!! When you get to the recipe, on the top left hand side there will be a link to either download or print it out! I hope you Enjoy!!

Dirt Cake Recipe

What's for dinner?

Hi everyone, it's me Samson! :) So what are you having for dinner tonight?? Nancy made my favorite! We are having Alien Brains for dinner! YAY! Well, she's having stirfry and brains for dessert, but I'm having dessert for dinner :) Life is short, eat dessert FIRST!!

I love this time of year... I get to wear a neat costume, and eat spooky food! :D Don't I just look SPOOKTACULAR today?! I am sorry that I haven't posted for a few days, I have been too busy eating all Nancy's halloween candy... Mmmm.. Chocolate! Did you know they make chocolate chip Eggos? Yup! Hopefully Nancy will buy me some when she goes to the store. Chocolate chip waffles with Cool Whip and Hershey's Syrup on top, yummmy!!

Here is a close up of the brain, incase you were distracted by my cuteness in the first picture :) I wanted to put some eyeballs by the brain to make it more "gross", but while I was digging around the kitchen, I realized we are fresh out of eye balls! aww that's too bad :(
While I am busy writing this, Nancy is making dirt cake in the kitchen to eat for Halloween. But I'm sure if I ask nice she might let me have some tomorrow! I'll be sure to take a picture of that also! Ok, well I'm off to go help (play) in the dirt with Nancy :) See you all later!

Another Fairy Card

Hi everyone! I thought I would post another card that I made using my fairy stamp. The stamp if from a clear set from Inkadinkado. It has a couple different fairies on it, but I think this image is one of my favorites! It is so hard to find a fairy stamp around here, so I have been thinking up ways to use the same stamp over and over without looking like I am making the same card over and over!

On this card I used some of my favorite Primas, Hero Arts gems, and ofcourse Stickles. ( I'm a stickles addict!) I used the square scalloped nestabilities to cut the center out, and the rest of the squares were cut by hand. The center part is popped up using pop dots. ( another thing I am addicted to.. love the dimension it adds!)

I probably shouldnt have posted this quite yet, since it's a birthday card for a dear friend of mine, but hopefully she has been too busy with life to check my blog! haha. :)

Gumball Card

Aren't these mice so cute? I sure wish I had a gumball the size of my head! Well, that might be a bit much, but it sure would be fun :)

This stamp is from House Mouse Designs. I just adore all thier cute pictures. I know the average person is not fond of mice, but I think they are just adorable. :) The image was colored in with Prisma Colored Pencils. The embossing was done with my cuttlebug. I just love the fold design of this card! This is another one of my cards that I sold on Ebay.

Fairy card

I thought I would share this card with you. I have been doing a little practice with sewing on my cards, and this is one of my first attempts at using a fancy stitch to hold two pieces of paper together. I thought if I could learn to sew on my cards, I could eliminate the need for glue. Well, it turns out, that I am not talented enough to hold the paper in place while sewing, so I had to glue it together first! haha. But I do think the sewing adds a extra touch to the cards. Hopefully with some practice it will start looking better! :)

I see Sam has been posting on my blog again.... well, I did buy some new markers this weekend! I was so excited to find some Copics on sale at Dick Blick! I made my poor husband stand there for 2 hours while I tried to decide what colors to choose from. What a sweet and patient man he is! With 360 colors to choose from, I just couldnt decide... I wanted to buy only 10. I ended up comming home with 13. But they were on sale, so that's ok right? :) The new markers that I bought should help with the blending of my pictures, so you shouldn't see anymore streaky skies, like in the card above! I am so excited to start practicing with my new copics! :) I have started a card already with them, and I will post it when I am finished.

Happy Monday!

Hi everyone, it's me again, Sam! :)
I sure do hope your weekend was great! Mine was pretty good. Nancy took me around shopping on Saturday. She was so excited to buy some new markers for her cards. So while she spent FOREVER trying to decide what colors to buy, I sat in the car and drank her coffee....As you can see, I also was caught drinking her coffee! So much for saying "It wasn't me". haha.

The rest of my weekend was pretty relaxing. I sat on the balcony and shared some waffles with the cute little squirrels that live in our yard. I didn't think squirrels liked waffles, but boy was I wrong! The next thing I know, I have 4 squirrels wanting to eat waffles! So, I spent awhile munching and chatting with them. I found out some neat facts! Contrary to popular belief, squirrels actually don't find nuts all that appealing. They told me that they would much rather eat cookies, potato chips, pizza, and steal food from the bird feeder! I was very shocked to learn this. I told them I would save some leftovers for them from now on, and they said that maybe they could let me know when the big maple tree out front starts dripping some syrup... Sounds like and even trade to me! Fresh Maple syrup for my waffles! Yummy! It sure is fun making new friends!

Where's Sam?

Have you ever read a "Where's Waldo" book? Well, this is my version! :) Where's Sam?? Can you find me?

HERE I AM! Tee Hee!

While I was reminiscing yesterday about my Big Fish experience, I found this picture! I thought I would share it with you! :) Isn't the Christmas tree just so cute?! Nancy and her husband take turns every year decorating the Christmas tree. Last year was her husbands turn, and he decided to go with a toy theme. It was so cute! I wonder what Nancy has planned this year....I'll be sure to have Nancy post the tree this year for you all to see! :) Hmm.. wonder if I can get her to hang golden waffles from the tree? haha.

OMG! Watch Out!

Hi everyone! It's me again, Sam. I was looking through my photo album, and found this picture. I got all nervous just looking at it! Do you see the size of this fish? OMG! This fish was SO hungry, it almost ate me!! Instead of Nancy trying to save me, what does she do? Yep, she just has to get a picture of my near death experience... People and thier cameras.... Anyways, So I was in Wisconsin, and while I was there, I talked Nancy into taking me to the Fishing Hall of Fame. I hear they have all kinds of fish there! And since I am a bear, I thought I should check it out. Well, when we got there, the place was covered with GIANT fish. If you look closely at the picture, you will see this fish is taller than the building. Well, I asked Nancy to pick me up and let me get a closer look into this fish's face.. and next thing I know, I am in his mouth! YIKES! But after pleading with him, I convinced Mr. Fish to trade my life for a Eggo I had been carrying around in my backpack for emergencies.. Once again, I am able to use the power of Eggos to make a friend.. Turns out, he was a pretty nice Fish... Most bears eat fish, but after almost being eaten by one, I think I'll stick to waffles!
I hope you all are having a great day! See you later!

Mmmm. Starbucks!

Well, it's been a pretty good day today! I had some warm crispy golden Eggos for breakfast, then I relaxed and snuggled up with some warm cozy blankets and watched a movie. Fried Green Tomatoes, I love that movie! Although I do believe it would have been better as "Golden Toasted Waffles", but maybe that's just me :) After watching my movie, I pretended to help Nancy with the laundry. I tried to jump and float in the air like the "Snuggles bear" but apparently I need more practice.

After all the chores were done, Nancy and I sat down to enjoy a delicious Starbucks Double Shot on ice. Mmmm! Flavored with white mocha, and its almost as good as Eggos! I just love Starbucks. It has to be the best drink in the world! I rarely get my own Starbucks, I usually just share Nancy's.

I know you all came here today to get a glimpse of me! So, I thought I would pose in my favorite outfit! I am wearing an Official Starbucks Bear outfit! Nancy bought a Starbucks bear, stripped him naked and gave me his clothes... poor bear... I felt so sorry for him, that I told him I would share some Eggos with him. Didn't you know the easiest way to make friends is to share a plate of waffles? :) Well, I suppose I should get off the computer, before Nancy realizes all the syrup I spilled on the keys lastnight! Shhh.....


Hello Everyone! My name is Samson, but you can call me Sam. :) I heard my Nancy made herself a blog, and I figured this was my opportunity to show my face to the world! So I thought I would share a little about myself.... I am almost 4 years old now, and I have been on many adventures in my life. I have even been to New York City! But, I'll tell you all about that some other day.

I am sure you are already wondering why I have waffles sitting behind me! Well thats what I am here to share with you... My true love in life... Eggos! I love Eggos so much, and someday, I hope, my Nancy will take me to the Eggo factory! But until that happens, I will just have to be satisfied with my frozen waffles in the morning. :)

I am hoping this whole blogging thing goes well, and maybe someday I will have my OWN blog.. I might call it the Magical World of Eggos... or maybe... Sam's Eggo Kingdom.. I'm not quite sure yet.. But when that wonderful day comes, I will be sure to link to this blog so when your done looking at all of Nancy's "pretty things" you can come gaze at me and my wonderful eggos! :D

As I am sure you can tell already, I am NO ordinary bear. Well for starters, I bet I am one of the only bears that blog.. but not only that, I am not too fond of honey. Most bears just can't keep away from that stuff! But not me! The true "golden goodness" comes from syrup! No matter what the other bears say, nothing tops an Eggo like warm Maple syrup!! I like blueberry syrup, boysenberry syrup, strawberry syrup, but I still think my favorite is the rich flavor of maple. Mmmmm. Ok, I'm drooling now.. I'm off to make myself an Eggo.. Why not try one for yourself? See you all later!

How cute are these!?

I took a class at my most favorite store awhile back. Archivers has so many cute things :) In this class I learned how to use watercolor pencils and also how to paint and sparkle pretty paper flowers. I think my favorite part of these cards was dunking the flowers in glue and covering them and myself in glitter! haha. After making these cards, I realized how fun it is to add so many 3 dimensional accents on my cards. Its nice to have something to touch! I have sold one of each of these on ebay also.

Birthday Card

I just thought I would share a cute card that I made recently. I just love these adorable hedgehogs from Penny Black! What I wouldn't give to have a cake that big! I sold this card on ebay, but after doing so I wished I would have kept it for myself. haha. I have a bad habit of making my cards and then never sending them out to anyone!